102nd Annual Art by the Bay DAA Members Show-2019

Award Winners

Best in Show: 

Linda Osborne, “The Blue Door”


First Place: Stephen Sironi, “Man Carrying Guitar Walking in the North End”

Second Place: Susan Ahearn, “Black Rock Beach”

Third Place: Paul Carley, “The Muralist”

Honorable Mention: Linda Hefner, “South Effingham Barn”

Drawing and Pastels:

First Place: Mary Felton, “Cormorants”

Second Place: Holly Morris, “Winter Ride”

Third Place: Mary Jean Rest, “Martha’s Vineyard Rosas”

Honorable Mention: Gayle Loik, “Dune Shadows”

Mixed Media and Printmaking:

First Place: Marcia Ballou, “Stake Out”

Second Place: Mandy Fariello “Skyfull of Clowns”

Third Place: Peter Van Dingstee, “Standish Shores Baker’s Dozen”

Honorable Mention: Diana Ikeda, “Stooped Crane”


First Place: Dianne Panarelli Miller, “Sweet Dreams”

Second Place: Elizabeth Sheehan, “Budi’s Fruit”

Third Place: Susan O’Brien, “Twilight Marsh 1”

Honorable Mention: Joseph Viamonte, “Young Girl at the Piano”


First Place: Kathy Dixon, “On the Street in Havana,Cuba”

Second Place: Matt Reynolds “Edge of the Earth”

Third Place: John Grant, “Street Milan Italy”

Honorable Mention: Deni Johnson, “Caroline”

Sculpture and Fine Craft:

First Place: Pamela Smith, “Nantucket Picnic Basket”

Second Place: Susanna Giller, “Reflection”

Third Place: C.J. Carpenter, “Fraternal Burls”

Honorable Mention: Michael Savignano, “The Cook Girl”


First Place: Nancy O’Neill, “Lost All Control and I Think I Like It”

Second Place: Anette Monet, “Study in Complements”

Third Place: Karen Dunderdale, “Flying Colors”

Honorable Mention: Theresa Turner, “Sweet Peas”