Irene is a pysanky egg artist as well as a photographer and crafter dabbling in knitting, crocheting and sewing. She learned the art of pysanky from her artist mother when she was a child. She lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts with her husband and three children.


“Any day that ends with paint on my fingers is a good one!”

Mandy is a mixed media artist who has focused on collage, acrylic painting, and MailArt for the past 10 years. Mandy is inspired by contrasts and juxtapositions- bright colors and rusty bits, shiny and dull, smooth and textured-all with a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure. She has taught her techniques in Rockland, Whitman, and now Duxbury. “Pushing students to try new things and step out of their comfort zones is hugely satisfying for me”. Mandy placed in the top 3 at the Marshfield Fair Plein Air painting completion in 2014, 2015, and 2016. “Never knowing how a painting will turn out is part of the fun.”




Dutch born and raised artist Valerie Garth, says that drawing and painting has changed her life. ‘I was an Event Planner for major American hotel chains, back in Amsterdam, working with international clients and this job gave me some creativity to organize, which I loved. But it wasn’t until I started drawing and painting that I noticed I didn’t use even 10% of my creativity’. The artist, who’s mother is Dutch and father is American, has her Bachelor Of Economics degree since 2013, with a major in Event Management. In the meanwhile, Valerie has been using raw canvas materials to create her art pieces and using variant brands of acrylic paints, along with different techniques and tools. She also is a big fan of charcoal pencils, since the pencils will always leave a mark and therefor always leave a drawing behind.





Pamela is a freelance illustrator and painter based in Duxbury Massachusetts.  Deeply influenced by the pine forests and beaches of New England; Pamela's work explores the concept of home by conveying everyday scenes combined with buoyant color and simplistic patterns.  After graduating with a BFA in illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2008, Pamela became a painting and mural instructor in South Boston, focusing on subjects of health and unity.  She believes that with practice and guidance any person is able to refresh their spirit and explore their voice through mark making.
Dianne Panarelli Miller is a world renowned artist painting in Canada, Bermuda, and Europe. She is an award winning Boston-based "Plein Air Painter" of color and light and is a signature member of the New England Plein Air Painters and is a "Copley Master". Her approach combines the classic atelier training or the "Boston School", with a mastery of technique of her own personal style expressed through the harmony of color and design. The original Boston School way of painting seeks to combine the truth of impressionist color with good drawing,  wound composition and skillful paint handling, all of which she teaches in her fun and informational classes.





Katherine spent 4 years attending Pratt Institute and upon graduating, worked for Eastman Kodak.  raising her family, she was always teaching art.  Katherine has taught for about 35 years in watercolor, drawing, and portrait. She has enjoyed every minute!

Pam entered her first art competition submitting a perspective drawing of the National Bank of Jackson at 9 years old! And as they say the rest is history. Pam completed her first BA degree with certification to teach high school art, second BA for Interior Design and third BA in Architecture. Pam and her husband Peter Smith opened their architecture practice in 1978 with projects from Maine to Houston. She founded CAMP ARCH-KID-TECH, a summer week- long architecture camp for children 12-17 in 1994. For her 50th birthday a friend suggested she take a Nantucket basket class offered at the DAA, and over the next few years she entered baskets in the Marshfield Fair crafts division and in 2010 to the DAA Midsummer Arts Show where she was awarded Best of Show for her Nantucket sewing basket. Pam has enjoyed teaching Nantucket basket classes, along with her sister Patty Campbell, at the DAA since 2008.


"I am a collage artist.
I work to employ both deliberate and spontaneous appliqués.
I begin the composition with a simple color pencil plan on paper.
On the canvas or board the color of light and atmosphere is applied with intuitive gestures with paint.
I then sift through a collection of painted papers and cloth.
The pieces are cut and torn and applied with acrylic medium and enhanced with acrylic paint>
My compositions are enlivened by the unexpected combination of materials.
The patterns create blossoms of textures on the surface of the painting.
My goal is to evoke joy."




A Painter for over forty years, Suzanne Gammon received a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston in Art History and a M.F.A. in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Ca.

Her first studio was in Denver, Colorado where she was a member of the Chicano Humanities and Culture gallery for several years. During that time, she exhibited widely throughout Colorado being juried into the prestigious Rocky Mountain National Watercolor Society Exhibition, the renown Colorado Miniature Show and by invitation to the Annual Colorado Paleontology Art Show and the University of Northern Colorado show “La Gente”.

Her next studio was at the base of three volcanos in Chile. There she taught art to children and adults from her studio where she painted for over a decade.

Since returning to the United States she has been planning installations on the theme of more cancer awareness as well as watercolors. Suzanne also works in encaustic and mixed media.

Her present studio is in Scituate, Ma.


A well-known, professional artist with a B.A from Eastern Nazarene College. She is s member of Duxbury Art Association and her work was recently Morgany on display in the Winter Juried Show. See her work at

Calling All Instructors!

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