FINE ART PAINTING for ages 7-11 with Valerie Garth
Wednesdays, 3pm-5pm,  starting on Sept 5th.
Each week is flat rate at $90 or $425 for 5 weeks, excluding costs for Fine Art Painting kit of $ 25.00 per student.
*Please contact Valerie directly to register at

Fine Art Painting Lessons, European style with Valerie Garth.  Learn through colors and using your imagination while creating European art with a twist.  Lessons will be taught on 
During these painting lessons you will learn how important colors are in painting. You will also get familiarized with painting tools and different mediums that can be used for painting on canvasses.

Week 1 | The Basics and Piet Mondrian Tableau no. IV

Sept. 5th
Get to know the feeling of holding a paintbrush in your hand, putting paint on it and creating Art on a canvas. During this week you will get familiar with the color theory, mixing colors, the color wheel and how to use your painting tools. We’ll be creating a color wheel and will make a tablet like Piet Mondrian.

Week 2 | Pablo Picasso Self Portrait

Sept. 12th
Cubism style like Pablo Picasso ‘Tete de femme’, we will be working on making a self-portrait in a cubism form, with vibrant colors.

Week 3 | Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Night

Sept. 19th




During this week’s lesson we will be creating our own version of the ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh and adding different structures to the painting.

Week 4 | Henri Matisse and Beasts of the Sea

Sept. 26th
During this week’s lesson we will be working on a 2-piece painting. We will be making a replica of Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Beasts of the Sea’.

Week 5 | Edvard Munch and The Sun

Oct. 3rd
We will be creating a painting about ‘The Sun’ by Edvard Munch. The Sun gives us energy every day and makes many things on our planet come alive, therefore we would like to give gratitude to the Sun by making this painting.


Thursdays, 3pm-5pm, starting on Sept. 6th
1 week is flat rate at $90 or $425 for 5 weeks, excluding costs for Fine Art Drawing kit of $ 20.00 per student.
*Please contact Valerie directly to register at
During this Drawing course you will learn how to create amazing drawings by using different techniques and tools, working with black and white charcoal, different type of pencils and shading.

Week 1 | The Basics, self-portrait like Piet Mondrian

Sept. 6th
Get to know the different type of pencils, what the letters HB, H2 or 6B stands for. Learn how to work with shades and to create 2d and 3D drawings. See what tools are essential to start a drawing. During this lesson we will be drawing several shapes and forms by using a variety of pencils.  You will make a self-portrait in the style of Piet Mondrian’s ‘Self Portrait’ but mixed up with you own facial features.

Week 2 | Drawing a tree like Gustav Klimt

Sept. 13th
Drawing nature in a different way.  Drawing not just any tree, but the Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

Week 3 | Vision and body parts like Leonardo da Vinci

Sept. 20th
Now that you are familiar with the basics, it’s time to get to the real deal. If it wasn’t for our eye-sight, most of us would not be able to draw. Vision is very important and we will be drawing our own eye. Draw like Leonardo da Vinci ‘the Vitruvian (Wo)Man’

Week 4 | Drawing flowers like Vincent Van Gogh

Sept. 27th
Turn a painting into a drawing by using colored pencils and draw ‘the Sun Flowers’.

Week 5 | Drawing Puzzle

Oct. 4th
The final week we will be drawing a puzzle, each puzzle piece will represent a part of your own life, like your parents or siblings, football team, dancing team, your favorite activity or food.
*Minimum 3 students. Maximum 10 students.

for Teens (age 12-18)
An introduction to Art Journaling
with Mandy Fariello

Tuesdays, Sept. 11th-Oct. 16th
(no class on Oct. 9th)
5 weeks – $125
*To register and arrange payment, please contact Mandy at
I can hear you now… “I can’t draw. I can’t paint. I’m not artistic.” Art journaling is for everyone! Beginners and experienced art journalers are both welcome in this class. An art journal is a visual record of your life. Some people write more, some collage more, and some paint more. This is your book!
In this five week series we will create our own journals with painted and collaged pages. We will explore acrylic paints, gelli plates, and other fun art supplies while learning about composition and design.
The DAA studio is located on the 2nd floor of the Ellison Center for the Arts, 64 St. George St., Duxbury, MA.

POURING ACRYLIC PAINT Workshop for kids (age 8-13) with Mandy Fariello

Saturday, Sept. 15
$35.00  includes all supplies.
*To register and arrange payment, please contact Mandy at
This class is for all of those people that say they can’t paint! We will explore the fun and mystery that comes from pouring acrylic paint. Mandy will demonstrate many different techniques for manipulating paint. The results are not predictable, but are always interesting. Let’s get messy!
Everyone leaves this class with one or two finished paintings.
The DAA studio is located on the 2nd floor of the Ellison Center for the Arts, 64 St. George St., Duxbury, MA.

Mondays, Sept. 17, 24, Oct. 1, 15
3:15 - 4:30pm
4 weeks - $95
*To register and arrange payment, please contact Jenny at
Have you always wanted to learn how to draw people?  Learn the fundamentals of drawing faces with Jenny Kelley.  Students will start by learning the basics of facial anatomy--how to draw eyes, noses, mouths, ears, and the shape of the head.  By the end of this four week class, students will know how to draw any face.   Sketchbook recommended but not required.